Winged Bear Productions?

At this point, I'm just Plato to Susi's Socrates. I'd love to tell everyone all about Winged Bear Productions, but I don't know much. I know it's Susi Murray's as yet undefined business. And I know it's not a typical business in terms of some sort of bottom line about making money. I believe it's about dreams and helping others to realize their dreams...
I do know that the name comes from a Teddy Bear given to Susi by a well-known friend (whose famous name we're not going to include here because this is not The National Enquirer).
Since I can't tell you much about Winged Bear Productions, maybe I should tell you a bit about Susi, the special person to whom everyone is giving these Teddy Bears.
Yes, Susi likes Teddy Bears and has collected them for all of her life, which at this point has her, shall we say, "well into her thirties". I'm being coy because it's such an old fashioned stereotype to not want to divulge anyone's actual age, but in Susi's case it's quite an accomplishment for her to be as old as she is (okay, I'll just blurt it out - she turned 38 in October of 2000) because she lives with an incredibly challenging physical condition. Life is a huge chore for Susi, and in spite of it all, she continues to be one of the most sensitive, caring, and warm people on the planet.
She and I have been very close for over 20 years.
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