Susan Meade Murray

October 20, 1962 February 19, 2001

There are different ways to fly. One way is to aspire to something beyond reality. Something wonderful, which we can't see. It's our soul, our self, our light.

This message is universal. We are all connected. No matter what race, color, religion, physical, or any other challenges, we all have frustrations, desires, fears, thoughts, and other burdens that need to be let go, purified in the field of awareness. Our bodies are composed of energy and information spanning the universe. We are not alone, we are an integral part of one consciousness. The things that we share are far more valuable than those that divide us. We all have the potential for miracles if we express our true selves.

We all want to be loved. Love is cherished above all else, all pretense – freeing everything innocent within us. Love will begin as we emerge into our deepest passions and comfort. Love transcends all reason, allowing the experience of a larger shared reality. Love is the goal. Love is all that matters. With love, we can fly.

At times i want to throw up my arms into the limitless sky, in ecstasy, aware i'm flying forward in life. Against all odds i will succeed. Life is boundless and unimaginably beautiful and nothing can bother my happiness or inner peace.

To my Friends

When EB gives

Me excellent reasons

To give up, you give me

A reason to persist and

Be strong friendship.

Your energy powers my body

To continue working,

Your love fuels my heart

To continue beating,

You are the reason

I continue living.

Each one of you is special

And all of you are my friends.

Just as the angel protects the ship from harm, you have shared your time and energy to ensure my life includes major happiness and exciting adventures, and most importantly, your love and friendship.

(Excerpts from Susi's writings)

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