The whole idea of winged bear productions began in 1995 while creating invitations to my thirty-third birthday celebration. i had business cards that defined me as an "aspiring" angel. also, through most of my life i had collected teddy bears given to me by friends but mostly purchased by me. more about my love for teddy. collecting, pros & cons; in future writings. oh boy.

After aspiring into a full fledged angel, new reponsibilities, duties, and just plain, exciting stuff was happenin', say, 2-3 times per month. now, here i am, overwelmed in my dreams, then twisted silentley, into nightmares concerning troops of teddy bears doing some very pleasurable "fall ins" with me, and other bears performing lude and very, "bare" stripping attempts. i plucked the wings off me and stuck them on the backs of the teddy bears. thus, a winged bear. i had an angel moment and i thought if the invitations were going to amount to anything they needed some kind of distribution center. so i joined "winged bear" with "productions." winged + bear = winged bear productions

Winged bear productions. o.k., so it's a production company. what does it produce? well, i could say it produces invitations (oct20, thank you), my writing masterpieces, and material concerning my physicalchallenge which goes into one, central database in the usa.

Winged bear productions is responsible for leaving behind a concept i call "arul". if i can drop & drag this into one mind, i'm a happy camper, this is a belief i created close to my heart then, kicked upstiars where it evolved over a 5yr time span. time to evolve again.


and thank you, rich, for those beautiful, loving words about me.




unconditional love

for who you are

to be treated the way you treat others

to allow you peaceful, limitless growth into a beautiful human being

Lorin Grean, a Santa Barbara-based Celtic harpist, has included a song about ARUL on her CD, "Meridian Blue".

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