HOW THIS WORKS - Instructions for what is hopefully obvious, as well as geeky tech stuff

You can start the slide show from anywhere, but once you start it, a click on any image or link will stop the slide show.
Clicking any Flash Movie controls will not stop the slide show, however.

The interval timing is set to 3 seconds, but if you are viewing the full slide show with the nifty Flash movies, for the movies
the interval is set to a time that should accommodate the download/streaming of the movie. Since connections are all different
and the download time can easily vary, this is just a guess for each movie and for some a movie could finish and wait for a
number of seconds, or be cut off before it's done. Either way, sorry.

If viewing the photos without the nifty Flash movies, the image count isn't divisible by the number of thumbs displayed, so they
will move as blocks of 16 until the last block, which will reuse some of the previous block of 16. Just acts oddly, but it works.
Still, though, sorry.

If you've clicked Help because the Flash movies are proving to be a problem, the option for seeing just the stills is via:

Photos Without Flash Movies

The show should display as a page with an image above two rows of 8 thumbnails. I've only really checked it out using
Safari 4.0.3 and Firefox 3.0.10 on a Mac, and IE 7.0.5730.13 and Firefox 3.0.10 on a PC. Seems best with Safari, but if
you're using an old browser and having problems, sorry.

Anybody experiencing stuff you don't think I intended should feel free to let me know. Thanks.

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Geeky, Nerdy Stuff:

Not that I'm a great programmer, but real programmers don't write brand new code; they build on the labors of others along the
the lines of "why the heck reinvent the wheel". I had, from scratch, actually, already invented a wheel written in Perl to use a
list of files with parameters to comb through and build a myriad of html files to serve up a manual (via clicking) slide show of
images. In fact, the Hetch Hetchy pictures are from that code.

The php scripting behind what I have here was at first started based on my Perl scripts, but then I found:

PHPSLIDESHOW by Greg Lawler at
His script comes with this:
PHPSlideshow is relesed under the GPL
See the license at
Feel free to use/modify this little script

So it's open source, and clearly I felt free! The modifications I did to his php script are these:

Made it so thumbnails moved in groups when appropriate (via my links, or on next picture at end of thumbnails block).
Added links mentioned above to bring in next or previous sets of thumbnails.
Added special handling to incorporate Flash movies.
Added functionality to stop slide show if anything is clicked. (Using Flash movie controls does not stop slide show.)
Added functionality to set slide show pause time independently for each Flash movie.