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This is just for fun, and in reality I'm a huge Apple fan. Sure I like the fruit, and I've always been a huge Beatles fan, thus also a fan of Apple Corps, the record label company in England. But here I'm talking about the Computer/iPod/iTunes company. I've wanted one of their computers for a long time, and soon, by golly, I am going to finally buy one. But since the beginning of my working with computers, for home use I have had a dreaded Windows computer. Why? Cheaper. What I've always had at my job... All the usual excuses for throwing in with the devil.

My first attempt to have Apple Computers (now called Apple Inc) give me a computer was in 1985. The Mac was fairly new, but for some reason in June of that year Apple was kind of ebbing in their tides of financial success. I was mostly writing to them back then just for entertainment value, yet to this day I think that had they been "rolling in it" as they had been earlier and of course are now, they seemed to be just nutty enough, and still small enough, to actually give me a computer. And such would have been for very legitimate reasons!

Well, no need to present the logic and rewrite the letters here, because for the web viewing pleasure of anybody looking for a little chuckle, here are my:

Apple's Letters To Apple

The First Letter, June of 1985

The "Years Later" First Follow-up Letter, January of 2004

The Second Follow-up Letter, March of 2004

The First Letter To The Top Dog Of Marketting, Philip Schiller, November of 2004

The First Follow-up Letter To Marketting, November of 2004

The Second Follow-up Letter To Marketting, February of 2005


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