Following my recent op-ed about the Nisene Marks deed and the "bike ban", a number of the emails I've received have been angry and threatening. The "agro" emails all hit the same "talking points": 1 -- I've single-handedly and selfishly taken the fire road from the many bikers who enjoy it. 2 -- They will illegally ride the trails anyway since there is no enforcement. 3 -- They hope to literally run into me on such a trail.

In response to 1: I never advocated for banning bikes from the fire road. My public input to the general plan process was to try to keep bike regulations exactly as they have been for 30 years as it's my opinion that such respects the intent of the deed. My efforts (and those of like-minded people) failed because State Parks interpreted the deed as allowing mountain bikes everywhere in the park. The lawsuit (brought by others, an effort I've been supportive of, but not technically a part of) has resulted in the judge's ruling.

2: Duh.

3: I see these threats as just blowing off steam, but seriously, it's a bit creepy to be threatened with physical violence.

Of course the story's not over, and somehow in the legal process I'm certain that bikes will still be allowed on the fire road.

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