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The Latest, Fairly Huge Development For The General Plan

State Parks got sued over their General Plan. The judge has ruled in favor of the lawsuit and has gone so far as to state that the deed should even restrict bikes from being on the fire road in the deeded area (roughly above the steel bridge). Read the decision at and download the one dated 12/9 (I think they are Word documents).

Naturally this means all hell has broken loose as The Sentinel has gone with a sensationalized "Bike Ban In Nisene Marks" angle for several stories, so now many mountain bikers who ride the fire road and likely have not even paid attention to the general plan proceedings to know the true issues about the single-track trails and the deed are justifiably riled up. Many are emailing me due to an op-ed piece I recently had in the Sentinel (click here to read it), and some of those emails have been mildly threatening. (click here to read a form letter reply I've sent to the authors of the civil emails I've received, and click here to read a letter I'm hoping The Sentinel will run for the less-than-civil emailers to read).

I have never advocated for banning bikes from the fire road, and I'm pretty sure the people included in the lawsuit have not wanted to, or expected to, end up with a general plan that gives mountain bikers even less access to the park than has been legal for 30 years. Legal stuff usually happens in twists and turns, and my guess is that the fire road will ultimately remain open to bikes.

click here to Read The Deed!

The clickable Read The Deed link to the deed above does take you to the text of the deed, annotated with my opinion regarding different aspects. To see a simple copy of the deed without these comments, click here.

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