Please note that this is all just my opinion. If you find it upsetting, please keep in mind that nothing here is new, and it is actually a perspective that many Americans (probably many more than the media lets on via their rigged "polls") share. I feel it is my right to have this perspective, and I feel I am completely patriotic to question what my government is doing and to take part in its democratic process to try to make my country better. In no way do I consider objecting to a war as not supporting the troops who are fighting it. On the contrary, I see it as truly supporting them because I want the war stopped and for them to come home now. Wars are fought mostly by young people of modest means for the benefit of old people who will benefit greatly from their dying. It is some fluke of an amazing marketing scam that this practice endures.

Right now (well, as a write this) my country is waging a war that I do not support. It seems to me that the people who do support this war do so because basically they believe our non-elected president, G.W. Bush, when he says that we have initiated (read: Started) this war in "self-defense" and because we care about the suffering of the Iraqi citizens who have been living under the terrible regime of Saddam Hussein. As I understand it, there are even many Americans who at this point believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with the 9/11 terrorist attack on our country, and that in itself is enough reason for us to have started this war with Iraq.

I of course do not claim to "know" anything special or have any inside information to which other average people don't have access. But I do have my opinions based on what I have seen in our country and society and I am of the belief that our non-elected president is either lying himself or guided by lies to allow this war to be waged for American dominance and control of an area rich in oil. This war is merely an extremely overt step in a long history of our attempt to secure stability in the area so that it can continue to serve us our oil interests. If it was really about the horrors of the Hussein regime, why did we continue to work with him in the eighties when he was first doing the very evil things we are pretending to react to today? If Hussein had continued to play ball with Rumsfeld (our point man in Iraq at the time) and we got our oil pipeline deal, we'd probably still be letting him gas his own people today.

I say that because such has been the attitude of my country's meddling (read: CIA, covert actions, etc.) in the politics/governments of many other countries. Everywhere there's a basic struggle of the haves versus the have-nots, and any time the have-nots rise up in a country and achieve some sort of equity, it is simply not good for the United States' business interests. Give us a harsh dictator who's willing to cut us good business deals for some military backing over a government that has nationalized the natural resources and is letting its entire population reap more of their just rewards any day. The United States of America is about business, and business runs our entire political machine. It's sad that the really big business interests have become so corrupt as to lose any basic morality and sense of fairness or care for the environment. The bottom line is that it turns out that money indeed is the root of all evil.

I am proud to be an American against this injustice and against the war.




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