2014 Lake Aloha, Desolation Wilderness (Tahoe)
2014 Mineral King, Sequoia National Park (SEKI)
2014 Virginia and Spiller Creek Canyons, Yosemite National Park
2014 Jenny Lakes Wilderness and Kings Canyon National Park
2013 Lake Basin, Kings Canyon National Park (SEKI)
2013 Nelson, Reymann, Townsley, & Ireland Lakes, Yosesmite
2013 Dinkey Lakes Wilderness
2012 Marie Lake Area, John Muir Wilderness
2012 Lake Reflection, Kings Canyon
2011 Window Peak Lake and Woods Lake, Kings Canyon
2011 Flora Lake, Northwest Yosemite
2010 Silver Divide
2010 Cold Canyon/Waterwheel Falls
2009 Slide Canyon Yosemite
2009 North Rim Yosemite
2008 John Muir Trail South to North
2008 Ten Lakes Basin
2007 Nine Lakes Basin
2007 Hart Lakes
2006 Sixty Lakes Basin
2006 Hetch Hetchy
2005 Clouds Rest
2005 Humphreys Basin
2004 Pioneer Basin
2004 McCabe Lakes
2003 John Muir Trail North to South
2003 Chilnualna Lakes
2002 Disappointment Lake
2001 Mineral King
2001 Wire Lakes
2000 Emeric Lake/Vogelsang
1999 Mineral King
1998 Graveyard Lakes

The above list from Julie's Facebook Page, and just a few link to photos. Yet.
Also to come someday will be the list of earlier trips with other trail partners,
going back to, yikes, the early '70s!