Saddam Hussein

     As much as I oppose my country starting a war and causing a lot of horrid suffering, without a doubt it would be a good thing if Saddam Hussein were to be removed from power. Amnesty International has for many years flagged his regime as one that perpetuates horrible human rights abuses, and clearly he is a terrible dictator.
     However I do hate to hear the simplistic statement some make that Saddam Hussein "is Hitler". Saddam Hussein is such a different beast and such a different kind of bad human being than Hitler was that such statements only give testament to how strong of a marketing strategy the people who want to overthrow Hussein's regime have.

     Remember when Momar Khadafi was "Hitler"? (however that name is spelled...)
     I really don't buy in to some of the positive things some people point out about Hussein, such as his ruling his people in such a way as to give them all health care and so forth. But I do see that there are a lot of bad, cruel dictators in this world that don't seem to bother our government (and don't sit on huge amounts of oil) such that we'll come running to "free" their people.
     I firmly believe that there must have been better ways to diplomatically get the leadership of Iraq to change. Perhaps not helping that leadership rise to power and gain such an iron grip in the first place?


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